The Advanced T-Group Sessions

The invitation of the T-Group 2.0 practice is to become ever more deeply aware of the dynamics that unfold in the present moment, both within ourselves and in the connections between us. Though there really is no end to the depth we can access with that invitation alone, there are often elements of our experience that are so well-hidden (or so all-pervasive) that they can be difficult to catch even a glimpse of.

A common experience for people who have been practicing for a while is the sense that something more is available here, something more fundamental, perhaps more profound. When we know how to dig a little deeper, beyond what readily presents itself to us, and into the domain of the underlying forces that structure (and often constrain) our experience… then that experience becomes like a lump of clay, and we become the skilled potter who can mold it into the shapes we would like.

I have created an additional set of tools to assist us in accessing these deeper layers, and they build upon the fundamental structure of T-Group 2.0. For this reason, it is essential that all participants already have a solid grounding in that practice. I primarily leave that decision up to you, and your honest assessment of your own level of familiarity and skill. But as a most basic guideline, I do ask that you have attended at least five other T-Group 2.0 events.

Advanced T-Group Sessions
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Dates: Friday, March 15 from 6:30-10:30 PM, and Friday, March 29 from 6:30-10:30 PM

Location: The T-House in Berkeley

Timing and Food: these will be intensive sessions spanning four hours with only short breaks in between rounds. For this reason, it is essential that everyone arrive well-fed. It will not be possible to eat a full meal during the Sessions, though there can be space during the breaks for small snacks if necessary.

Size: each session is open to only seven people.

Schedule: sessions will be offered on a semi-regular basis, so stay tuned to this page if you cannot attend these dates.