In a T-Group (and in life), many people have a hard time knowing what they are feeling in the moment; they look inward and it can seem totally blank, or like the static on an old TV, or like a whirling kaleidoscope that seems nearly impossible to put into words. Many of us also have a tendency to think our feelings: using our brains to deduce what we are likely to feel rather than sensing it directly. 

Something that Breathwork does extremely well is to connect us more directly to the inner world of the body so that we can access the intelligence within our sensations, energy, emotions, and so on. It also gives us invaluable tools for learning to process and metabolize the voltage and intensity that we often find there.

This is when words like Authenticity and Vulnerability take on their true power. It’s when we deeply access and courageously share the truth of our lived experience right now that we can: 

1. Take massive steps forward in our personal healing, growth, and evolution,

2. Form intimate, emotionally nourishing connections with other people, and

3. Deepen group cohesion and synergy so that we can share in the experience of belonging to something larger than ourselves.

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Breathwork & T-Group
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T-Group 2.0 is a relational meditation practice that gives us an arena to practice FEELING our truth directly as we connect and communicate with other human beings. When we slow the process down, we can learn to sense into ourselves directly, gathering fresh, new, relevant information from our insides - the true seat of our human intuition, wisdom, and inner guidance. And when we take the risk to reveal this living, real aliveness to other human beings, the vulnerability of doing that opens the portal to deeper, more authentic, more satisfying connection with others.

Which is why we built this community in the first place :-)

Breathwork is a powerful tool for cultivating closer connection and deeper intimacy with your own body; it can help you learn how listen to its subtle, non-verbal messages, so that it can become a guiding force in your life and relationships. I have teamed up with Breathwork teacher Inbal Etgar of SONOPRANA, who brings a style of practice born of ancient Yogic Pranayama breathing techniques. She says that when we practice breathwork, we allow our bodies to release tension, anxiety, stagnant energy, and negative thought patterns, which clears the way for our radiance, clarity, and truth to shine through. And further, when we breathe in a group, our hearts synchronize to each other, our bodies create sympathetic resonance, and a unified energetic field is formed. This is a collective healing practice that is as ancient as it is universal.


Our aim is to transmit the essence of both of these practices, as well as the powerful synergy between them. The morning will begin with relational practices (including T-Group), punctuated by two shorter rounds of Breathwork. We will weave back and forth until we build up to a full 30-minute Breathwork session. In the beginning, the Breathwork will help us to connect more deeply and intimately with the Truth of our Being in the present moment, so that we can bring that fresh, alive, vital self to our T-Groups. And as the T-Groups go deeper, revealing more and more of what’s occurring within us and between us, we’ll move into longer Breathwork sessions to process, deepen, and integrate what came up in the groups. This work can sometimes facilitate powerful energetic and emotional release, and support will be available in the space for that if it's needed. We will end with collective integration practices, and a non-structured period for people to stay and enjoy the space of connection in an open-ended way.

Date & Time: Saturday, September 28th from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Food: We have situated the time of this event so that it falls right between breakfast and lunch. Please arrive well-fed. You are welcome to bring snacks and water bottles if you would like. Both hot and cold filtered water will be available.

Location: The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists at 1924 Cedar ST. Berkeley CA 94709

Your Facilitators


Inbal Etgar, of Sonoprana is a mother, artist, designer, and a lifelong student of spirit and sound. Inbal is a trained Sound healer and certified Breathwork meditation teacher. Inbal's Heart opening Breathwork & Sound workshops are designed to deepen embodiment, expand consciousness, and facilitate emotional release, and transmutation of challenging life events.

Crystallin Dillon is a life and leadership coach and also the founder of the Bay Area T-Group Community. She holds both BA and MA degrees in Buddhist Psychology from Naropa University and has been a dedicated student of the Buddhist teachings for 13 years. She completed comprehensive training in group dynamics, systems theory, and facilitation at the Matrix Leadership Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and is certified by NLP Marin as a Master NLP Practitioner. Drawing upon her studies in Dharma, systems theory, and NLP, she has created an updated version of T-Group practice she calls "T-Group 2.0"