New Closed Groups, Starting Soon! 


T-Group 2.0 is a practice of intense present moment awareness, just like yoga or meditation. But instead of working alone, we apply that same meditative skill to the process of communicating and relating with each other. 

This lets us slow down enough to make profound discoveries about our unconscious habits in relationship. Ongoing practice allows us to de-program those habits, and replace them with greater self-awareness and skillfulness. And in the process, we’ll learn a great deal about authenticity and vulnerability, and how is the birthplace of the kind of deep and genuine connection we all need.

Unlike the Sunday Night T-Group Gatherings, you will be working with the same group of 6-7 people every week, which will let you take the practice even further. One of the most powerful elements of T-Group is the feedback provided by others, which becomes even more accurate and useful inside of these longer relationships.

Dates & Times

The Tuesday group will meet from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, Starting Tuesday, January 29

The Saturday group will meet from 10 AM - 12:00 PM, Starting Saturday, February 2

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Participation in at least one of these: a Sunday Night T-Group Gathering, an Online T-Group Training Session (dates TBD), or any other T-Group 2.0 event

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Attendance Requirement: please sign up only if you can attend at least five of the six gatherings.

Meeting Virtually: the group will gather online via Zoom video conferencing software. You can use Zoom through the web, so you don’t have to download the software (though it is free if you would like to). The meeting ID number will be the same every week, and it will be provided to you once you register for your group (along with all other tech support information).

For these meetings, make sure to be in a quiet, private space where you will not be disturbed (and that you have a set of headphones). This is important for the privacy of the groups and the confidentiality of the participants.

T-Group Online?

Yep! It really works. In my beta tests of online T-Groups, I’ve seen that the group process is a lot more similar to in-person groups than it is different. Since I work with all my coaching clients via Zoom, I know from that experience as well that it is possible to communicate and connect deeply through video. And especially in the context of meeting with the same group of people for all six weeks, I’m sure you’ll find the depth, connection, learning, and belonging that are the hallmark strengths of T-Group practice.