Meditation, Movement, and Play

“Life is much too important to be taken seriously.” ~ Oscar Wilde

At last month’s Movement-Based T-Group event, I had a hunch that turned out to be pretty spot-on: we learn more when we’re having fun.

It’s obvious with children: they learn through doing, through adventurous experimentation in a spirit of playfulness. Theirs is a flow state of complete immersion and participation in the present moment. It’s a whole-being experience of discovery that includes body, heart, and mind.

When we cultivate that spirit of adventure, discovery, and play, we generate a powerful Ground of Health that allows our T-Group practice to be even more connected, more revelatory, more transformative, and most importantly: a lot more fun.

In this Day-Long T-Group Intensive, I’ll be guiding us through experiences of meditative presence and playful movement, so that we can slip into that flow state together and see what there is to learn on the playground of T-Group.


Pre-Requisite: at at least one of the following: attendance at one Sunday Night T-Group Gathering in Emeryville or a One-on-One T-Group with Crystallin over Skype (use the code "DAYLONG" to waive the fee for the One-on-One)

Date: Saturday, November 10th

Place: Fairfax, CA (address provided after registration, via email)

Time of Intensive: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Lunch: Bring a sack lunch and whatever snacks/beverages you may need. The Good Earth grocery store in Fairfax is en route to the venue, and I highly recommend their all-organic pre-preapred foods.

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Day-Long T-Group Intensive: Meditation, Movement, and Play
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