Day-Long T-Group Intensive: Community Day

T-Group 2.0 is really, really good at teaching us how to be profoundly present with one another and also how to reveal ourselves in a vulnerable but skillful way. This allows us to collectively generate the emotional nourishment of deep and authentic relationship, and also achieve profound insights and breakthroughs for our own growth and development.

But there is a lot more to human connection than just what’s happening between us right now, and so, though this Intensive will still consist of about 75% T-Group practice, the other 25% of our time will be spent on new kinds of experiences I'm cooking up that will allow us to connect in new and different ways.

Since we’re coming up on our TWO year anniversary as a community, I wanted to create a way for us to deepen and expand our connections and add greater dimensionality to our knowing of one another :-)


Pre-Requisite: attendance at one Sunday Night T-Group gathering, so that you can receive the training before diving into the Intensive. If you can’t join us at a Sunday night, reach out to me and we’ll set up a (free) 30 minute one-on-one

Date: Saturday, July 13th

Place: Berkeley, CA, close to Ashby BART (address provided after registration, via email)

Time of Intensive: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Lunch: both Berkeley Bowl and Whole Foods are within 3 blocks of the venue, and there are numerous restaurants within that radius as well. You're also welcome to bring your own lunch and make (light) use of the kitchen. 

Parking: street parking is plentiful, and free on the weekends.

Register Here

Questions? Write me here...