Day-Long T-Group Immersion: Deepening into Intimacy

T-Group 2.0 invites us to be far more transparent than the norms of our culture usually allow. It asks us to look one another in the eye and Reveal the truth of what we are experiencing in connection with one another. The structure of the practice teaches us how to do that in a wise and compassionate way, but still, there’s no getting around the fact that we have to step into a level of immediacy and nakedness that most of us just aren’t used to.

Because that nakedness often feels really “high-voltage” inside our bodies, most of us have countless little strategies and mechanisms we use to reduce that intensity: we create distance, we deflect, we sidestep, we retreat into the mind, or we otherwise obscure or real, raw selves. This isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it is necessary to titrate the intensity of our experience, but we often do it automatically, without awareness and without choice.

So in this Day-Long Immersion, I will illuminate the variety of pressure-release valves and escape hatches we all use so that we can make more intentional choices about when, how, or if we want to use them. I will also be offering strategies for how to suspend that escape impulse, how to build up our tolerance for this particular kind of voltage, for the sake of cultivating true intimacy.

This Immersion will ask you to look at all the ways, large and small, that you shrink away from full contact with other humans. The practices I’ll be sharing will have us taking a closer look at what we mean by, “Stay In The Tube,” a community slogan of ours that encourages us to stay fully plugged into connection in the here-and-now.

Why is this important? Because we must be able to tolerate the voltage of intimacy (and all that comes up within it) if we want to create the kinds of deep, authentic relationships we all need.


Pre-Requisite: attendance at one Sunday Night T-Group gathering, so that you can receive the training before diving into the Immersion.

Date: Saturday, October 12

Place: A private residence in the Oakland hills. Address, directions, and parking instructions will be included in the email that will be sent out between 1-2 days before the event itself.

Time of Intensive: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Lunch: bring a sack lunch with pre-prepared foods. You will be able to make light use of the kitchen, but please do not bring anything that required extensive preparation or cooking. The venue is not near any grocery stores or restaurants, and we will not be leaving for the purpose of getting food.

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10/12/19 T-Group Immersion
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