Initial Commitment: one session per month for three months.

Cost: $150/month

Upon completion of the three-month intensive, you will be able to schedule individual sessions as-needed for the same price of $150 each.

If you're curious about coaching with me, but we have not yet had an in-person conversation, please schedule a complimentary 60-minute consultation here before you sign up. 

NLP sessions are 90-minutes long. Roughly the first half of the session is about investigation: opening up inquiry and looking at the patterns in your experience from angles you may not have considered before. In the second half, I use the information we’ve gathered to bring you through intensive, experiential processes designed to access the deeper sources of these patterns and accomplish the neural re-programming that will allow them to shift.

The between-session time is also longer than traditional coaching/therapy to allow for integration and also so that you can begin to observe the way the outer world begins to spontaneously shift in response to the shifts in your inner world. This gives us valuable information about where to start in our next session.

The initial commitment is to complete one 90-Minute NLP session per month for three months and the cost is $150/month. This will allow us to establish a solid foundation of relationship and get a lot of work done in a relatively short period of time. After that, you are welcome to purchase and schedule individual sessions on an as-needed basis. The price-per-session remains the same.

Sessions are conducted via phone or Zoom, based on your preference (though if we meet via Zoom, I ask that you use a stationary device like a laptop or desktop computer. It does not work to do a video call with a handheld device). Zoom is free software that you can download to your computer if you would like, but it is not necessary as it can also be accessed right from your web browser. If you would like to have a recording of your session, you are able to do that if we meet via Zoom and it will be saved directly to your computer. I will send you the link to our Zoom meeting room in the minutes just before our scheduled meeting time.

When you sign up for the 3-month program, you will receive a code that you can use on the "Scheduling Portal" page to access my calendar and book your sessions. Sessions can be re-scheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Your payment will recur automatically on the same day-of-the-month that you began your program.