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The relationship I have with each of my clients is an intimate one, and my commitment to their freedom and fulfillment runs deep. If you're thinking about coaching with me, but we have not yet had an in-person conversation, please schedule one here before you sign up. 

Coaching is an opportunity to make a profound commitment to yourself and open up a space that can catalyze your healing, growth, and evolution. My role is to hold the dynamic balance between safety and challenge, to illuminate perspectives and possibilities you may have never considered before, to ask the right questions at the right time, and most especially to welcome and include the parts of you (and your life, and your family's lives) that have thus far been un-includable for you. All of this so that you can make one simple discovery, over and over again: that you already contain your own answers and your own truth. 

NLP sessions are longer than traditional coaching/therapy due to the additional time necessary for the deep investigation and neural re-programming that are involved. Between-session time is also longer to allow for integration and also for observation of the way the outer world begins to shift in response to the shifts in your inner world. This information lets us know where to begin in our next session.

We will meet for a minimum of one 90-Minute NLP Session per month, with phone and email support available between sessions. I will also provide exercises, practices, experiments, rituals and so on, specific to the things you are working on, so that you can continue engaging and deepening the work between sessions. Those who are in ongoing coaching with me also have the option to purchase additional sessions at a reduced rate, as needed.

Sessions are conducted via phone or Skype, based on your preference, and I offer free recordings of all Skype sessions. 

When you begin your program, you will receive a code that you can use on the "Scheduling Portal" page to access my calendar and book your sessions. I recommend using the "recurring" feature of the calendar so that we meet on the same day and time each month. Sessions can be re-scheduled with at least 24 hours notice, and any unused sessions will roll over to the following months. Your payment will recur automatically on the same day-of-the-month that you began your program. 

When the time comes to end or pause our work together, you can do so by logging into your account and cancelling your program. Find the login link also on the Scheduling Portal page.