T-Group as a Path to Ecstasis and Group-Flow

This is the introductory video I created to explain a bit about Ecstasis (the central theme of the book “Stealing Fire” by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal), and my plan to weave it into our T-Group practice at October’s Day-Long Intensive.


And here is the video of the entire presentation I offered at the event.

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Ecstasis is a non-ordinary state of consciousness that unlocks our highest potential, reveals hidden, universal truths about reality, connects us powerfully to one another, and grants us access to some of the most profoundly healing and pleasurable experiences that are available to human beings.

There are numerous routes to ecstasis: dangerous adventure sports, periods of hyper-focused work on projects we’re passionate about, high-intensity group environments like the Navy SEALS or professional sports teams, meditative and contemplative practices, and both technological and psychedelic assistance. Whatever the method, however, the underlying neurological and biological mechanisms are the same.

T-Group is already designed to shift us into states of collective ecstasis, also known as “group flow.” In their book, “Stealing Fire,” Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal note that “during ecstasis, our sense of being an individual ‘I’ gets replaced by the feeling of being a collective ‘we.’” They define flow as, “those ‘in the zone’ moments where focus gets so intense that everything else disappears. Action and awareness start to merge. Our sense of self vanishes. Our sense of time as well. And all aspects of performance, both mental and physical, go through the roof.”

But this experience (the “cosmic love bath” as we call it at the Sunday Night Gatherings) can be elusive. It’s both difficult to generate and easy to break. And is it even possible in a group with people you don’t know very well? I can tell you from my own experience: yes.

In this day-long intensive, I’ll be revealing more about what ecstasis is all about and how to steer our T-Groups more directly and effectively into the state of group flow. This is important not just because it is an inherently pleasurable, healing, and revelatory experience, but also because collectively, we’re forgetting how to forge the bonds that weave us together and hold us securely in an otherwise groundless universe. This forgetting manifests as a sense of isolation, meaninglessness, loneliness, and so on. It is a planetary imperative that we remember our interconnectedness.

And if you’ve ever wondered where my obsessive and undying devotion to T-Group comes from… this is it ;-)