The Ecstasis Experiments

What do Burning Man camps, political rallies, professional sports teams, T-Groups, and the Navy SEALS have in common?

They all make use of a similar set of neurological mechanisms to induce a *collective* altered state of consciousness, one in which “our sense of being an individual ‘I’ gets replaced by the feeling of being a collective ‘we.’” In their book “Stealing Fire,” Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal refer to this phenomenon as “group flow.”

And what group flow unlocks is the experience of “ecstasis,” a non-ordinary state of consciousness in which the brain networks responsible for generating our ongoing experience of “self” begin to power down. The anxious voice in the head goes quiet, past and future dissolve, and the present moment dilates revealing a high-definition, high-voltage, all-encompassing experience of the Now.

Experiences of ecstasis can give us glimpses of our highest potential, reveal hidden, universal truths about reality, and connect us powerfully to one another. But this experience can be elusive. It’s both difficult to generate and easy to break.

So I’m initiating The Ecstasis Experiments to test out my ideas about what gets us into group flow more often and more reliably. Due to the experimental and possibly unpredictable nature of these sessions, I’m asking that only those who have prior T-Group experience apply. Play at your own risk ;-)

If you’re interested in participating, please complete the brief questionnaire below. I will get in touch with you with more details and information about timing and logistics. There will be numerous sessions to choose from, and each one will include a total of only six people.

Bon voyage,


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